Shining Through

I… am not… my pain. I will not let it dictate my emotions or my interactions with others. I will not let it make me bitter and alone. I will not let it cripple me into a dependant individual. I will not feed it toxins and temporary fixes. And if I find it shall not go away. I will live with it placing joy, heightened frequencies of good vibrations as a band aide and keep pushing. Pain will not cause me misery.  ( this is what I tell myself when going through a pain crisis for a long period of time. And it also helps with emotinal pain.) Sometimes, you just feel so….

Thats how it feels when you are in extreme pain of your pain is an ache in your spirit. When you ignore it, pain can turn into misery. You don’t want anyone to know how much you hurt. Giving subtle hints to inform with the intentions of keeping your loved ones at bay. This can lead to a lonely period that you don't deserve. Shine through.

You feel no one can help you. And as you are attempting to make yourself feel better, it starts to feels even worse at the worse possible moment. Because helping yourself is one of your leading responsibilities under raising your child. You take precedence in ensuring you turn your problems into answers. Pain into pleasure. Shining through the misery.

Practicing the art of ignoring pain can be unhealthy. It won’t go away until you address it with proper treatment. The problem with that treatment is that there is no set prescription that totally heals other than time. Take all the time you need to dig deep inside yourself and find your peace. You can do it alone, with the help of loved ones or with professional. However you choose, don’t close yourself to the possibility of the answer being in someone other than you. Shine through the misery of pain.

Pain can turn into misery, staining your thoughts and bringing shade into well lit areas of your life. You must shine through. Don’t let it control your progress in any field you’ve gained momentum on. If you so happen to choose to stay the course alone. Never forget there is always a loved on to call on. Friends, family and loved ones are help when it becomes too much. Lean on that love if need be.
Shine through the misery of pain with the fire of love.


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