White Privlege& Misdirection

(This not about Eminem and his skills. Dude nice with it…) anyway

Dear B.E.T., Stop Selling Out Like A Sucka!!!

Really though, did I just witness Eminem rant get more likes and attention than that awesome verse Mysonne spit!?! On B.E.T.!!! A channel where positive imagry of black people should be priority over all else. Yes, even over the hoopla of the POTUS.

What I don’t like, is to be bullshitted or my intelligence played on. While Eminem may be a lot of people favorite rapper; to a lot of other individuals, he’s okay. B.E.T. eagerly pushed his verse after he decided to rip Donald Trump a new one. To me, the objective was clear here: Follow the bandwagon on Trump Bashing. While I find no ill intent in it on Eminem’s behalf; I do however find a problem with it being baacked so hard by B.E.T. .

We have yet to see B.E.T. truly stand up for Positive Black Unity within Hip Hop. They have been riding political and trendy bandwagons for years. And while there are a plethora of MC’s that promote positive images and energy with high frequencies of creativity. They are very seldomly highlighted. And doing so screams of an agenda that does not help the narrative of struggling Black communities.

In that same award show Eminem rapped on a young man named Mysonne rapped on as well. And the reaction people gave Em, I gave to him. Mysonne starts his verse. “Welcome to reality…” and proceeds to give 16 bars Black Panthers, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and Tupac Shakur proud. Out of all cyphers on B.E.T. It is my favorite to date. I may be forgetting a few others, but right now those type of verses Mysonne delivered is needed NOW!

Again this is about white privlege and misdirection. Not about Eminem Skills.

While we saw a white guy say things a black guy would get lynched for. We also see a black guy spit empowerment for his peers and communities and recieve no extra attention for it. Why? Why would a verse of that caliber not get pushed? Why not promote needed Black Entertainment to the world at a time when we need it most?

My answer. Because they are following trends. And following trends is not about building up black communities. Its about ratings and money. And Mysonne was about Unity in Black Communities. And that don’t appeal to the ratchet behaviour of Americans.

Shine brighter than what anyone would believe possible. Its a must now more than ever. Black Is Beautiful In America.

Now about that verse  by Mysonne!! He’s third in this  Cypher. 6lack was good on here as well. Press play and see for yourself.



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