Spicy Sunrise On A Moons’ Apex


I kissed her forehead
In the coordinance that held her 3rd eye
Simultaneously I slid my fingertips lightly down the side of face to her neck and continued to trace a line of passions sweet embrace through my fingers to her chest. She’ doing her best to control her breathing but my other hand has a stiff digit slowly circling the juices around her buzzing button. I’m still kissing and communicating with her soul with my lips. One set of thumb-finger combination tweeking and tuning her nipple as if I’m locking in on the perfect frequency while the other dial-up the one vibration that will join the two. I remind her, no one else is home and in that instance she calls forth to her spirit in another realmn to sync this physical orgasm spiritually and mentally. Most beautiful music to experience. I thank her. She says I’m welcomed. So this time I start with a kiss on her lips. Hand in hand outstretched from our bodies. My life stick finds her birth canal naturally. Slowly, we explored each others existence until day break.

Excerpt from my next poetry/lyric book….

The Art Of Xteele: Of Love & War
Volume 2
#erotica #orgasmic #sex #love #passion #author #publish #book #writer #kamasutra #Tantric
Volume 1 Second Edition Link below and inside Bio…


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