The Art Of Xteele: Of Love & War Vol.1 Second Edition

The Art of Xteele are the thoughts and views of Frank Xteele. He writes about everything from teaching kids to pursue occupations opposed to just being employed to Social Injustices to Many forms of Love and erotica. This book is about the many circumstances we endure as well as the sensuous side. We are going through a time that we must fight, yet I want to remind everyone that we must keep joy and love in our actions! (Link To Book Below)

FB_IMG_1423327914324Born in uptown New Orleans, 1976 on the 24th of May inside Flint Goodridge Hospital, Frank was deemed a fighter from the start. Diagnosed with Sickle Cell at two years old from finding blood in his urine, he never knew that Sickle Cell would mold every aspect of his life.
He began entertaining himself at night at the expense of his siblings time of rest. Making up songs to rock himself to sleep. He constantly used to ask for request to cover. His siblings used to just reply…”Please go to sleep.”
Frank went on to write poetry in Middle school at Samuel J. Green. He was published in a school book that mysteriously disappeared. In high school, he wrote songs and joined the drama club. Touring schools in New Orleans under the guidance of the late Raymond Miles and Miss Hill.
Then in his last year of High School at the Infamous John McDonogh St. High, the School that Ruled Esplanade…
Tragedy struck… Frank almost died from a Sickle Cell Crisis….(rest of the story in Frank’s future book ‘Surviving Sickle Cell’.)



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