Glimpse of an Angel

I was vibrating higher than usual… my temple had just took part in serenading nature and painting love songs onto my apex.

As I transformed these love songs, I could hear a distinctive name ring out every so often. A very familiar name.

My present was telling me then that I was to recieve a gift and it will brighten my day even more. I subconsciously answered…. 🎶”Isn’t she lovely”🎵 followed by ah.. 🎵”Good God she’s beautiful.”🎶 Many variations of the song occurred in flashes until I thought of the umpteen ways she is beautifully gorgeous.

Her ways. Her smile. Her laugh. Her.

I’ve painted enough into existence at this beautiful reservoir of nature today. So I take up my items and begin to sing every song of love I have written. Those songs reminded me of her passion for life. To act out against all forms of oppression and ignorance. So my love tangos turned poetically fierce and I began barking will into my path the essence of activism. Words of awareness. I’m seeing and experiencing all around me at the same enjoying this feeling I morphed into by way of one thought…

Then I almost passed her up…

We shared a few seconds and I quickly  appreciated every angle…

I had a destination so I continued on my path… thinking…

Wow, I just caught a glimpse of my angel.



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