These Bold Lips

September 1st! The first day of Sickle Cell Awareness Month. I am reminded of the good, the bad and the pain. I recall each year around this time. Sort of how you reflect at New Year’s  time or the days approaching your birthday. In this retrospect, I look back and review my E.R. visits and how many times I’ve been admitted. And this year, I’ve come to realize, the only reason I had so many episodes was because I was stressed out or feeding my negative energy.

In September we gather as Warriors to tell our stories to the world. Did you know, there are actual Sickle Cell patients who are denied full medical benefits? Some who often have suicidal thoughts and tendencies? Others who practically live in the hospital? Then there are some who refuse to acknowledge it for so long that it has effected their way of life in unpredictable ways. Grown men and women with no structure or foundation for taking care of his/her own basic needs for life.

I cry from the emotional pain that… I am the latter. I am bold enough to admit that now. I pray I’m not to late to help myself and others like me. Warriors who have other problems. I am bold enough to face my own trials and help other Sicklers face theirs.

These bold lips tell of the pain in a way that is disturbing to those who are so peacefully tucked away in their own little pain free world.  Where they prefer to hide their pain; I wear it boldly. NO! We wear ours boldly. We can not forget about it… or ignore it. Believe you, me; we’ve tried. We’ve tried being “normal”, whatever the hell that is. We smile through the pain way more often than expected. We are Super Heroes in our own right. We fight against ourselves more than any other and often, we are judged by our family, friends and lovers because we refuse to show pain most of the time. So it seems as an excuse when we say we are incapable of doing certain things because we are hurting. We are attractive, intelligent, and each one of us handles pain differently. Just as everyone else in the world does.

While some are totally reliant on pain medication. There are some who won’t go near the stuff. Others who use a mixture of natural and western medications to keep a balancing act of pain management administratored daily. Just know that each one of us are human and are doing our best to stay alive and as healthy as possible. No one form of treatment works. Their is no cure. Well at least not without risking your life.

Fact to know about Sickle Cell Warriors. We are almost always hurting. It is very difficult to concentrate with a jackhammer trying to escape your brain at high power. We don’t want to move if there are flaming balls of needles pounding on your bones and skipping around your limbs.

We go hard just sitting there trying not to cry. Most times, we refuse to cry. Get all the way to the Hospital in a courageous spirit. Laying there in extreme pain just hoping this will be a short stay. Praying this will be our last visit…. I believe at some point, while in that bed, we break down and cry when we realize that day may never come. And after that cry and treatment. We smile and promote laughter and joy. Yes! While laying in that bed. While in pain. Because we know that laughter heals. Good vibrations and positive energy heals.

We Speak Boldly of our pain in a world that doesn’t truly recognize us living with this deadly disease!

We Live Boldly among family, friends and lovers who endure our unpredictable behaviors. LOVE YOU!😚

We Work Boldly alongside coworkers who stare in awe as we are carried off on a stretcher. Only to return the very next days  bright eye’d and bushy tailed.

We say Boldly to the stranger, “Yes I have Sickle Cell.” And respond, “Because I’m a Warrior.” When someone says it don’t look like it.

We Are The Sickle Cell Community And We Ask You To Advocate With Us! Spread The Word to the World!

Bold Lips For Sickle Cell! Bold Lips For Sickle Cell!! Bold Lips For Sickle Cell!!!





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