Be Light!

We as people don’t realize how powerful we are because of the wicked ways of the systems that are in “so called” control.

Our power is inside the good intentions that we own. It is our duty to be of service to each other out of respect for ourselves and the future of our kids. Darkness can not out power light in no form or fashion.

In times that you realize that despair, confusion, ill will and anger is near; seek that voice inside of you that knows love. Love is your light. It is the peace that ignites a blazing fire that purifies evil from around you… Even from within you.

Ignorance is not bliss. Joy is bliss. Seek out truth in all things. That journey leads you to a comfortable place that can not be desturbed should you religously practice it daily. Being happy about who you are is a gift to creation and existence bends to your will of good intentions.

So when I say Be Light. I mean for you to light up the darkness that is about this troubled world.

One person can keep the darkness from damaging him/herself.

Together we can keep it from further damaging our future.

So I say to my brothsrs and sisters of love. Be Love. Be Light. And Be of Service. And Don’t Lose Your Shine.

Peace. Love. Light.



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