Tasty Golden Honey

She taste like raw honey on fruit, sweet and nutritious. Surely I feel stronger after drinking from her flower. Eating from her life fruit.

The thought of her deliciousness causes me to salivate in the middle of the day. She’s like a spread of your favorite meal and I unashamedly lick the plate afterwards. I feel joyous afterwards.

I stick my tongue in her hive lapping up her nector as it drips into my beard. She love the feel of my beard between her thighs. I love licking her yoni flower while trying to steal a glimpse of how she’s feelinh through her eyes. Damn, Those Eyes..

Ohhh, where was I.. Yes her honey in my beard.

I save the stickiness into it for a pleasing aroma that’ll send me into a daydream of me continuously diving into her sea omni honey as I go about my day.

Her petals are laced with golden juices of her. I want more even at the time of dining into her. I’m greedy for her.

She’s just so damn tasty.

She taste like…. like… Love.

And that’s as tasty as it gets…


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