Goodnight In

I let it slide in slowly
While twisting the left areola
She gripping my bottom lip
I whisper…
Now who’s the Controller
Rhianna lieing in the background
Our hips complying while I lay the smack down
Whimpers and moans and grunts
Oh My
My tempo 🎶is tempered🎶 w/rhythmn🎶
We’re high..
I keep switching up the pattern
There’s continuation between pumps
It don’t matter
You’re a slave to the cater I hear in my head
In between the beats I’m a master
My tease is uncanny repetition
Remember that strip tease during Partition?
I promised multiple orgasm didn’t I
I only get harder when you let out that little cry
I feel you shaking
Yawl know I didn’t stop
I just leaned against her button and pumped till her shaking couldn’t stop.
You want some juice?


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