Sickle Cell Patients: Who is your nurse?

The reason of this message is because of my recent E.R. visit. I had a staff of Closet Racist and they didn’t know I had identified them. It came to my attention when, they started my IV. I made the comment about where not to stick me. (because of vein collapse from frequent sticks in that spot as a kid) They complied. He precedes to tie the tourniquet too tight. I complain, they said it has too be this way and my pain may be making it seem like its hurting far worse than it seems. Groogy and hurting, I just want it done so I turn my head away in agony and says to please hurry. Too many alcohol swipes later I look over to see him starting a stick in the spot I just asked him not to… worse Without a warning of entry!! At that point I have to believe he is adept for the needle is in and sudden movement is out of the question. Alas, he can’t find a vein. So instead of pulling out, THE FEMALE NURSE GIVES IT A TRY!She starts to twist and turn the needle in my arm! I yell for her to take it out! The whole while both are wearing smirks on their faces as if I’m exaggerating…

Now, I want to start of by saying…


It is a fact that most SC patients are of color and can’t afford the best of care like personal nurses and private doctors. We also know now, without a shadow of a doubt from recent events that A lot of extreme racist, nazis and terrorist work along side us in just about every field of occupancy. I know many are thinking: “most nurses are women those were all men out there causing havoc.”

Those men have wives, daughters and mothers who think just like them.

My point! They’re Nurses who think just like them.

So here are some precautions to take when going to the Emergency Room.

1. NEVER GO ALONE! ( you are sick, not feeling your best and your senses aren’t the keenest in this state. It can come down to their word against… yours? If you survive.

2. Always alert your Primary Care Physician before going to the E.R. your doctor may have to ensure they use the correct medicine and dosage. Many times, E.R. staff goes off of your weight, height and a deduction made from what you are and aren’t allergic to.

3. If any Nurse has an attitude with what you are not tolerant of in case of care, medicine or attitude. Report them and request another nurse.

4. This should be #1. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SALLERGIC TO!! It still sickens me that, the hospital I go to on a regular doesn’t have this as a Pop Up option as soon as I come into the hospital.  which leads me to..

5. Try and answer as many questions as you can as calmly as you can. And make sure the person by your side does as well. Some people are not True Nurses and forget they are public servants and attitude may come with the job. So if you are always talking aggressively or snapping at a nurse. You may not get courteous treatment.

I know I may have missed a few; and that’s because even though I have Sickle Cell, I only go to the E.R. when I have no medicine or I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I hope this opens people eyes as to the type of Nurses they have had and will have. Some treat you well regardless of your attitude. They calm you down easily and ensure you that you’ll be okay. THAT IS A TRUE NURSE. I CALL THEM NURSE JOY!



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