Can’t Get Ah Break A Kit Kat Bar

Today I woke up feeling better, very little pain and Happy Feelings was my morning song. Missed a positive event to greet kids on their first day of school. But it was okay, because I knew a slew of positive brothers were there.

Ate and visited my father in the hospital and had a great conversation. Went to a job interview and the interviewers did everything during the conversation to get an negative remark. I had a positive affirmation for every retort they came with. It seemed that I wouldn't get this job, but I stayed in a good mindstate, believing I’d get the job anyway.

Got to the rehearsal destination early and kept myself occupied by listening to positive music, writing and researching Computer technology. Although the icebreaker of a rehearsal went well, it left me feeling a bit sad. So on the way home I listened to more Frankie Beverley and Maze.

Waiting for the street car I was approached by a guy who was asking questions as I was dancing. I pulled off my headphones and responded that “I’m waiting just like you homie, how should i know?” Stated He wasn’t from New Orleans, when I knew he was. So I said, “Dude, don’t try and play on my intelligence, just wait like I’m doing.  He didn’t like that response and got belligerent and started talking crazy to me. Asking for a fight. I said, “As long as you don’t invade my space, we good. I ain’t tripping.”

This fool snuck me as I was putting on my headphones. We scuffled. Now I’m riding on then streetcar with him thinking about all the times I let people get away with disrespecting me, trying to stay peaceful. So when we got off the bus, I decided to let it go.

Just so happened we were going the same way. Once we got off on Canal St. he turns around accusing me of following him. Now mind you, he’s going to the St. Bernard bus stop and I to the Tulane. There’s no other way but to go in that direction. I told his scary ass “Ain’t Nobody following yo scary ass.”  He asked for another fight after an exchange of words and squared up… So I beat him till he bled.

Every since I changed my mindstate to think and emit positive energy, evil been attacking me. Even when I help people things go wrong! Damn near everything has been going wrong.
What the fuck Yo! Why can’t I just live in love. How come everyone and thing provokes the younger me to come out?

I guess this was my fault to….
I can’t get a break from a kit-Kat bar!


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