Am I really an ain’t shit nigger because I don’t have what you have? Oh, I don’t have it because I’m not trying hard enough. And I ain’t shit because I can’t shit on nobody else bruh?

Am I really void of love and sex because I’m in poverty? Do you really think anybody can get a job with no experience, just knowledge B? Am I supposed to ignore the fact that so many thinking on me? Stay humble when rage ignites me?

Oh, I’m a deadbeat because I wouldn’t be a slave to the system or a hustling nigger on the street. Like I didn’t provide a roof over our heads and something to eat. When moves were made to get my Healthcare ripped from me!

Judge! I Have Sickle Cell!!

And how the fuck do I supposed to feel when you not supporting me mentally? Just be cool because you were there temporarily. That’s what you call loyalty.

Am I supposed to ignore the fact that there’s been a disregard for my illness since I was spawned? Pull good vibrations daily through this pain, smile and move on?

Who do I talk to without judgement being passed and medication as an option?

Why must I always be the one to take the short end of the stick while at the short end of this shit.

Where is my fucking break? And how come I can’t show anger towards my situation but it’s okay for someone else display to me their frustration?

I wonder…

I wonder on wonders…

Wow Frank… just wow. That’s what you’re thinking??



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