To No Surprise

I have been witnessing black people in shock of current events of certain blacks trying to persuade Colin Kap to withdraw from his position. And that is showing me that those individuals don’t understand the true meaning of ass kissing.

So let’s talk the biggest ass kisser: Ray Lewis. This guy is articulate and a prominent figure in football. As a black man reaching thousands; if not millions of urban black kids in Baltimore, he is an icon to the movement of getting out of the hood and doing something positive. Yet, in those achievements he also protects White privilege.

How? He boasts on The Undisputed show; hosted by Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, that he talks to the owner and GM regularly on issues concerning the Baltimore Ravens. And always has. He states that it is not clear that Colin is the best fit for the team because Joe Flacco may return. (FROM A BACK INJURY AS A QUARTERBACK!) That in itself is absurd. Everyone knows, one well placed hit and he’s back out. He also states, that even though he applaud Colin on his stance he should leave it to his performance to do the talking and let others talk for him in the regard of his beliefs. Hogwash! If, He truly believes that Then Why didn’t or couldn’t he convince them to sign Colin when it is clear he would be a better option than their hurt starting Quarterback and RB3 who they are considering.

We all know why. Because Colin has took a stance that exposes White Supremacy/Privilege. And because of that, they can not take a chance on someone who may do it again. They can not let him be excused for his actions. He must be made an example of. And they use people like Ray Lewis to voice it in a way that misguided youths will comprehend and take into account. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, even if those hands support an organization that openly and unjustly kills your brothers and sisters.

It is no surprise that Ray Lewis took this stance, because he has been forgiven for something far more heinous. And given that chance he feels that he can relate more than anyone. But As Shannon Sharpe stated, He needs to stop speaking to the choir and start addressing the congregation. Get these White privileged owners and General Manager to feel empathy and Support the cause. Ray Lewis knows he can not do it. Because he knows he’ll be targeted next. His bottom line to me states: Be a good nigger, shut up and play.

This comes to no surprise to me because, there has been blacks that has been screaming that in many different ways in countless different platforms and it is the reason why we can’t reach other wealthy and prominent white counterparts who feel the struggle we endure, yet won’t because they’re just not enough wealthy and prominent blacks taking that knee Colin so bravely took.

So close your mouths, because another Ray Lewis will pop up again and again. Use Your voice to touch all, not just the minorities around you. But All People.

Be Love. Be Peace. And Be A Force To Be Reckoned With.



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