The Good, The Bad And Lil Ugly Speaks…

The Good: I have to let these people know about this pain and…


Get in my way, with the lies, ya lil truths and excuses.

You Can Not..

Submit to an iota of pain, or feed it drugs under any circumstances… (besides THC every now and then, have to attack the nerves with something healthy too though.. and no more smoking)

You Can Not, give excuses at all. Take yo lick. (Hold up, Get yo woman back, ain’t no loses like that round here chief…  Ya heardth, get on that.)

You Can Not stop looking, finding, building and keeping different ways of obtaining currency. (Tenteen jobs ya heardth) you already a wanna be humanitarian. That’ll help you out a lot.

You Can Not! Go ehyle other year without getting ya son!

What in the world am I supposed to do? I been stubborn as a kid because many tried to make evil the likes of truths.. So Go Get Ya Son!

I seemed bad and crazy for years and even now because they don’t know what I went through.

The Bad: Fuck what you been through!

Why not just, end it now! Turmoil has been consistently running amuck. Remember.. know why?

Because You Will Not! GIVE IN OR UP!

You Will Not Feel Self Pity! You will, will the power that is your truths of your essence.

You will always teach and learn lessons. Learn how to teach and learn lessons. So yes You Can get in your own way with the lies your truths and excuses.

You will, confess, be humble and sit down.

And pressure bust pipes, so I will bend, just don’t break. Your Xteele. Not adamantium. You’ll kill for loved ones, so how could you say you wouldn’t die for them.

The Good: To Survive, not be a Sacrifice! Some ways of thinking I refuse to do na!

The Bad: Who giving this lesson here?

The Good: You… And me..!

The Bad: Come on na, we gotta work on this together.

The Good: We’re Are. As 1!, 2! No 3!

The Bad: You mean Two in one person. The Good and The Bad. Us as..

The Good: It’s NO, Three! Don’t Forgot The Ugly with us always Sad.

The Ugly: We Have To Work Together….

The Bad: Ahhh, don’t acknowledge him… We don’t want him to exist…

Thr Good: That’s not how make him go away.. fuck around and make us worse.

Besides. He right we got to work together..

We been ignoring him. Maybe he the key to jelling all this together….

The Bad: Well let’s call him emotion from now on.. ain’t nothing Ugly bout me chief!

The Good: See that’s ya problem

The Bad: Don’t ya mean.. “one of my problems.”?

The Good: I mean changing your truths. He’s the ugly of both, just like I’m the good of you both…

The Bad: Ohhh, na I s… oh this gone get complicated…

The Good: Late as usual…

The Ugly: Na, that was funny.

The Bad: Shut Yo!

The Good: Ayyyyeee!!



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