Be Selective for Your Healths Sake: Good Edition

In The U.S. you can not gather rain water to clean and consume, but you can have a strawberry full of chemicals or a pesticide packed peach.

Have you noticed that most of our fresh foods have toxins added to them. Doesn’t seem so fresh now does it? Fruit has to be organic for consumption now adays or you risk the chance at eating poison. And if you don’t buy organic, you may opt out to developing a green thumb with as many fruits and veggies your space allow. Here’s a site that shows you how to grow foods indoors during the winter.

An apple a day can pretty much do more harm than it would benefit you. According to EWG Environmental Working Group, the USDA found over 47 different toxic residues inside the conventional apples back in 2010 and has led the EWG Guide To Pesticides In Produce for five years. Until it was replaced by Strawberries in 2016. 98% of strawberries tested had some form of pesticide on them. 40% had 10 or more detected on this delectable source of vitamin C. Fruits with soft flesh tend to fair the worse because their ability to soak up whatever liquid it comes in contact with.

So take care in selecting your fruits and vegetables, buy ORGANIC. You deserve poison free foods.



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