Being Where I Should

I Have Never Used Sickle Cell As A Crutch Or Excuse! In Fact, I Have Scared Many Of My Family And Friends By My Daring Attempts Of Achieving Normality.
Between My No Medicine Hiatus (lasted bout 5 years), Not Fully Pursuing Disability And Have Almost Died A Couple Of Times By Trying To Do Activities And Jobs Any Other Make Wouldn’t Have A Problem Executing.

    I Have To Tell Every Woman I Get With These Facts, So She Can Understand That I Came A Long Way To Get Where I Am.

    That’s why I don’t do certain things or move out the bed when I feel a certain way. I know what will trigger a serious crisis. And Yes, putting pressure on my legs taking that first step will ruin my entire day if I’m Not careful or patient.
So Hell Naw, I’m Not Ashamed Or Feel Sorry That I Am Not As Accomplished As “I’m Supposed To Be.”

    If I See Death Around The Corner, I’m Slinging The Bend Bussing… Screaming GTFOH!  I Have God’s work To Do And You Nor Sickle Cell Stopping Me!!

    My Motivation Is Remembering Calvin and Le’Mona(my siblings) With Pillows Over Their Heads, While I Apologize Through The Tears And Pain. And My Mother Rubbing My Head, Saying.. Try And Go To Sleep Baby..
I’ve Endured That And More Throughout My 41 Years. I’ve Watched Sickle Cell Warriors Die With The Help Of Doctors, Parents, Their Own Lack Of Knowledge And Worst Of All Orleans Parish Prison.
And I Be DAMN If I Stress Myself Out Over Not “Being Where I Should.”
Ashe✊ Uhuru👊 #BeLove💔


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