Kiss Your Intellect

Let me tongue kiss your intellect…
Massage your mind with conscious fingerprints..

I want my long term goals to spoon with your long term goals. Sliding our intentions in and out consistently with our short term goals… Constantly fulfilling our financial honey hole releasing endorphins of financial ecstasy.

Work together as one breath, gasping while abundance exudes from the pleasure of us meeting our mandates. Build lesson plans we'll endure throughout our trials and tribulations of learning each other.
Keep the pages of your book wide open as I write honorable words of wisdom on your palate with my tongue. Hold onto the facts of life we've discussed, igniting our paths with righteous quotes of love.

I’ll faithfully be faithful to the essence that is you; shouting throughout existence that the power of us is love.
Giving you the truths of my love with actions that make your soul orgasm from the potency of its passion.

My passion for you is and always will be my pleasure.

Can I tongue kiss your intellect?

Massage your mind with my conscious fingerprints?

Make love to your mind…



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