Empty me…

I need to release and my left or right won’t do. I have pressure built up in my loins and not just anyone can get with this grove. My containers are clogged with millions of clones multiplying rapidly, despite wet dreams of you. Too many thots would respond, but my energy is not that of a fool. I need to release and Handella not getting none of my attention. It’s not about lust but love of your energy that keeps me at attention. I need to bust for real. See I know you not gone let none spill. You left me hurting and this pain can not be eased with pills. I need your body in motion with mines as you try holding back your screams during an orgasmic drive. I need you craving for my insides as I grit my teeth growling OMG. I need to glide slowly into you and built up speed as you egg me on to blast my all into you. I need to know that I pleasured you by the way your body trembled… I do! I need to make love to you. I need to fill you…

I need…

I need… you to empty me, in you.



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