It’s ticking…

It’s ticking…

OMG! 💥Boom!💥

Whew, thank goodness no one got hurt! Or go blind from looking the eruption eye to eye.

Strange though, because as the remnants of the explosion spewed its shrapnel down the hall of cords which voices are heard. You smiled.

I sighed.

And a long time passed fooling around figuring which wires may trigger another. During which we both could feel the frequency of the next explosion vibrating through our bodies.

It’ll explode in a different location this time. I’m sure of it.

This most comforting hall will experience a jolt of energy like no other. It will be filled with a million sparks of energy; each packing a megaton of information that has been egging existence on since the beginning of time…

OMG! I can hear the screams from the shockwaves! Feel the build up of pressure!

The anticipation of this extraordinary event is only known by the parties who put this devastating wave into motion. And they smile, even giggle from time to time.



The screams, sounds as if all parties are enjoying it. Heavy breathing as if they are running towards every bomb. Working together to be caught up in…

My God!!

What is this madness??? I hear another in the distance…

I hear… The ticking…

We feel..

The 💥BOOM💥





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