Oh the humanity!!

Am I Whose Next!?!
My God!!!
Am I? Whose Next???

Questions I’m sure every black person thought at least once. Hell, any race that oppose injustice may have had this thought at least once.

Imagine where you were the very first time you witnessed or read about a travesty that was incurred by our justice system.
What did you think?
“Well he should have just complied..” Or
Did you think, “Damn it was just cigarettes.”;  “He was running, how was he a threat!?!”
I know I’d never forget thinking…
“So, you mean to tell me I can be followed, harassed and killed by a non authority figure posing as one and not one person get arrested.”

How much of this debachary can our communities ensure before this country is turned on its head?
What is the solution?
And if a solution is applied, will it get sabotaged. Because we all know we are being governed by criminals. So every plan needs a complete set on contingency plans to ensure success.

Back to wondering if you are next because you felt you had no choice but to steal a carton of eggs out of Family Dollar to feed your kids egg and rice for the week.
Nobody should lose their life because of a fear of darkness.

Look it’s hard in a place where our bad habits are cultivated to grow like weeds by the very ones who condemn us.

Examples would be the bad habit of raising a kid in a Single Parent home and high divorce rates amongst black families. As a race of humans we have to do better at controlling our government instead of the other way around.

I believe we can be triumphant!

#StopKillingUs #Damn #AmIWhoseNext
I hate I have to ask that question!!!


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