Music, My Mother And I

Since… I’d figure; forever, my mother and I have had a connection with music that thrives on feeding the soul heightened frequencies that triggered sad emotions… joyous, inspirational, and those rooted directly from our culture.  The music and songs that aggravated her played by my father also got on my nerves. I understood it, as I am sure my mother did as well. It’s just that the vibrations it caused had too erie of a frequency to it. Which I’ve learned was just me not knowing what emotions it was the music was trying to evoke from me. Anyhow, between the difference in diverse taste of music shared by my parents I’ve learned to appreciate way more spectrums of music than I thought I would.

Right after my oldest brother passed, Bone Thugs N Harmony released an Album entitled Eternal 1999. On this epic album was a song that help me get through my eldest brothers death. Now in those times, if you didn’t like what I was listening to, I didn’t want you to hear it. I felt you didn’t deserve to. (Yeah, I was a bit nuts.😎) During this period, my mother stayed on Baronne St. I was visiting her as I made my daily trek around the city. (Yes, I literally walked the city of New Orleans daily selling insects, body oils, soaps and every byproduct of aroma therapy I could find.😓) I get to my mothers’ apartment and she is in one of those moods that seemed so sad and melancholy that I immediately start feeling the same😢. We talk, we cry.. 😭 I changed the subject umpteen times just for her to divert it back to sadness. I decided to go to the store, get me a few snacks and her some beer and cigarettes. Of which I called death stocks at the time. I come back and she has on muddy blues and just a rocking with a beaten look on her face. I practically yell instantly, “Come on na Ma! You can’t keep doing this!” 😲We exchange words. Cry some more😢. Shortly after my plea she decides to cut the music off and just sit on her porch to smoke and drink. I sat inside for awhile. I decides to play my Bone Thugs CD very low. With ears that put dogs to shame, she heard it and demands that I turn it up. She starts to bobbing her head saying how much she likes it. THEN IT HAPPENED! 🙄 Crossroads came on. She fell into a trance as if every word, more and melody was being absorbed by her spirit😏. From then on, anytime she start feeling sad about my eldest brothers death, she plays that song.

Now here it is almost a score later and we just suffered the lost of the youngest member of our household tribe by the neglect of Orleans Parish Prison. And it has hit us all very hard. I have written songs and poetry to get me through my despair. Yet, every time I talk to anyone of them, I feel a sadness that fills the air. Music! I know music can soothe our souls. My father and sister seems to be getting along fairly well. Thank God! My mother on the other hand has been ACTING as if she is alright. So I reminded her of Crossroads. It helps a bit. I know better though. An idea hit me!

The feeling a recent band from New Orleans gives me is the remedy… I hope.

Now I have my fingers and toes crossed for I have sent her my autographed ‘Think Tank’ album by Tank and the Bangas… I chose this album because it has a range of emotions that depicts New Orleans culture very well. Music like this envigorates and soothes at the same damn time. PERFECT FOR MY MOTHER MONA LISA! She doesn’t know it’s even on its way. I’m so giddy🤗 and nervous🤔. She only expecting my poetry book I’ve just released The Art Of Xteele: Of Love And War. I‘m sure she’ll appreciate it. As I appreciate you for reading. Stay beautifully inspired people. Again. Thanks for reading. Please like, Share And provide feedback. One Love.

The Art Of Xteele: Of Love And War available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.



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