100% Everclear

I am the Alpha and Omega of my conciousness/God body mind and soul are where my conscious is/In the beginning was my light in time/Wasn’t no stopping then/Now I place my mind to a pace nobody running in/There will be no end to my words in eternity/I’ll be running hits foreverclear at 100%/From my past to present to latest/I make it amongst the greatest/Wear glasses and still can’t see the haters/I’m climbing to let glory shine/This plight in life got my Warriors Creed afire/You ain’t heard na natta/I hold skills of artistic deaign/Look for rhythms that’s hardest to find/Script the hardest of rhymes/The vision is for wisdom to yield the hardest of minds/Between the lines in my prime/Big Deal/ Is this artist in time/I’m Xteele/Royalty that shines divine/For more than what I’m to release in this time…


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