Life’s Lessons pt1

“He said, the best thing any person could be is, of use…” (excerpt from the movie Stand Up Guys)

I heard that and it seemed like I heard the answer to the meaning of life. I was almost 40 years old and have never heard or truely thought about that phrase. “The best thing any person can be is of use.” is basic fundamentals of life input. You would have think I’d heard off that waaaayyy before hitting 30… Nope. And I felt cheated… yet so satisfied with this phrase it became a part of what I believe in life.

“It doesn’t matter what you learn; where or even when. The blessing is in learning it.” Frank Xteele

Yeah, I said that to a 65 year old guy who said these lil kids don’t know shit and can’t teach him shit. 😒I felt offend, not because I am younger. But, because my greatest lessons on life came from either nature or a much younger individual.

And I intend to address the generational gap and the constant tension floating around. I feel this happens more and more as each day grows because of how times effect culture for each generation.

I love learning from kids. Why? Because kids are closer to the natural order of life. So they see and learn things we may have forgotten we knew when we were their age. Too many times as adults we won’t give our kids the credit of being the gateways into the future yet always claiming that children are our future. When you have accepted facts as truths… Apply them!

Those little brainy minds who go through this broken link of communication get older and may become victims and victimizers to older adults as well as their younger saps. And with that being fact, it is next to impossible to get a teen who have grown into their 40’s to see eye to eye with a teen going into their 20’s.

So peers and elders, let’s start keeping an open mind to knowledge it regardless of what age group it comes from. And I personally feel we should promote and praise kids that are able to attain wisdom, knowledge and the applications thereof. We have not Link Up And Be As One For The Enhancement Of Black People.

Have A Blessed Day And Thanks For Reading. Please lIke, Share And Comment.


The Art Of Xteele: Of Love And War.  On


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