Not Giving Up On Love (It’s Not Happening)

You ever wonder why I don’t care who stares at you. Because it’s so flattering.

Every now and then your girls throw salt on you. Whooooaaa it’s not happening.

I have some family say they’ll never accept you. Oooohhhh I don’t care. Keep babbling.

All my homies say they have some dirt on you. I tell them, I’m not hearing it.

Girl all I can say is… I! get a wonderful feeling. When I am with you. I’m loving on you. So many things around my way that try to tear me from you baby… I have love jones for you. And when I’m not with you, it tears into heart when I can’t hear your voice or see your face; my baby stay.

Keeping me from you, not happening. All this hating on, I’m not having it. Whatever they say about you, don’t carry weight.

Baby stay right here! Real love right here.

For your love girl I’m ah go hard! I’m kind of stubborn when it comes to your love. I’m weak for you when it comes to my heart. I don’t care what they saying bout ya!

It’s Not Happening! Tearing me away from you! It’s Not Happening! You know how I feel about you! It’s Not Happening! I love you! Awe, it’s not happening! I fight against myself when it comes to you!

May God protect you, even from me. God strengthen me, to do right by you. If you want me, I vow to love you. So many things abroad to keep  me from your passion forgive me!

I’m telling you. I found the best in me, from you girl. Head can’t stop spinning, I’m winning with you girl. You know you’re adorably cute with it too girl. You have love voodoo spell on me!

Tell’em it’s not happening! You know I plays hard for you. It’s not happening. Giving up on love with you. It’s not gone happen here. Oh No! It’s not happening! You know I go hard for you!

Ohhhhh! I care for you! Ohhhh! I’m true for you! Whoooaa Ohhh Oh Wooooaa!  Ohhhhh! I care for you!…



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