Love: The Ultimate Cleanser


Love Feeds The Soul  The Nutrients Needed To Keep Joy In Your Life. Take Care That Your Love Is Based On Compassion Over Preference, The Latter Can And Will Bring About Strife.  Love To Live And Live To Love… Life.

With so many issues going on around the world via circumstances, I’ve noticed that too many of us get caught up into a world of negativity. So much so that it is the norm in many people lives to give ill wills more attention than necessary. Sure, we all will get angry about certain quips in life that personally get on our nerves. But most of us are not taught how to counter the emotions that they may evoke. So we just go in a merry go round of negative energy. Sometimes it can be detrimental to your health. All of the times, it leaves you emotionally drained.


Humor, Compassion And Meditation are my top three answers. Why? Because they are all associated with positive energy, higher frequencies and more importantly…LOVE!

This Message Was For Me, More Than Anything. I Just Felt I Should Share My World Of Thoughts. Have A Blessed Day. 



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