I Made Love To MyGaurdian Angel


Last night I made love to my gaudian angel.

I mean she had to have been. I felt her wings carress my movements into her soul. Nothing short of an angel can kiss a lightening rod as thunder crashes between where tidal waves and volcanic eruptions frequent each other. Who else would allow you to ignite passion marks inside their soul. We slept together on clouds and sent each other into galactic shock repeatedly while I shot my essence into a divine vessel that in turn multiplued that feeling and shared the frequency with me. I flew throughout existence on the shores of the purest nector. I’ve never imagined vibrating simultaniously with someone while locking eyes.  We made ove through the eyes before I even touched her.

I felt like I was truly alive. My senses were amplified. I exoerienced my soul in flight. And regardless of what anybody say. I made love to My Gaurdian Angel Last Night.HarkArt



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