(written May 22, 2015)
Good Morning World!
(This the short uncut version)
I just want to say a little something about UNITY and the fluctuations of strength it holds per generation and situation. It is a lot of things that are going on now that as teenagers my peer group wouldn’t have stood for. Actually can I say that? Because the police was killing blacks pretty much at the same rate in my days also. There just weren’t cell phones to catch them in the act back then. And the police wasn’t as reckless.
Ask yourself this though.. Would you have watched the police choke out someone in your neighborhood?
As kids, would we have just sat on the bus as a cop man-handled a young lady? Would Zimmerman still be alive?
Would protests have stopped after verdicts in Florida? Ferguson? Baltimore? FRUITVALE!!??!!
The more I think about it…
Much as WE are in this situation together, WE are selfish and are only thinking about how am I going to be successful and avoid being on the coppers bad side. Their mindframe is to actually keep us in that state by making it harder and doing things like the aforementioned along with blatant misinformation from schools, economics, entertainment and religion… we are lost shepards in a land ran by conniving wolves in the disguise of sheep.
Our truths of each of those subjects have been turned into lies and fed to us forcefully. How easily we forget that it was either be a Christian and Slave or die. How short our attention span have to be to not pay attention that Young Black Men Are A TAAARRGET BY THE POLICE!!!
It is now more evident than ever that the POTUS is to be a puppet for White Supremacist or die. How? Look at what Kennedy meant to accomplish opposed to what Obama didn’t force issues on. They were waiting for him to get bold and veto certain issues. Yet, we point the finger at him. He’s just the faceman. Bush gladly did what his potnas wanted.
Our neighborhoods are missing the unity of laughter, battle cries, high-fives, victory, reachers, teachers and preachers. I said New Orleans is next. Not to wish nothing bad here. I just pay attention to which way they have pointed. That racist receipt from yesterday is just the beginning. My question is…
When they go to far here…

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