Believe God

If you expel out joy for self its on you to fetch it/Well done when you do more living than guessing/Say what I say fore I’d love to see more with owned blessings/So I strike like a viper to achieve peace within God’s seconds/You don’t have to believe me/It hurts when ignoring wisdom and miss your blessings/And I’m confessing as I’m teaching true pleading for me to do what’s best in/All of any is the rest given in glory/Going through each storm with belief/I reach forth with your worth with God/Remember/To you more God seek/Sit back and his power you’d reap/It’s blissful on Earth as my comfortable Seat/I’d love to mingle amongst the worthy learning to better ourselves/See/With knowledge the wise is very discreet and yet unselfish/Be yourself as you walk with God/Open up and out evil will leak/Be wealthy with God’s Grace more than anything else you’d ever possessed yawl/Cause anything less starts you to accept everything less/Than love/Love is what you are no matter how you was conceived/Just call me the evil chi release police/By the wicked I refuse to be deceived/Every word spoken from these lips of mine effects the corners and boundaries of all chosen kind/I’m the seeker of truth from this Godly mind/My mission is to find peace in the mist of this sign to end any wars in my life since birth/I thank God I strive for peace and will not be cursed/They’re people denying truths in any second missing blessings/Most will be struck by that rod/Though/Don’t believe me… Believe God


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