I Keep Stepping For You

The one selfless act I cherish; if possible, is to allow you to be able to enjoy my existence a lil bit more than I have…

See, I was proud of The first step I took toward writing poetry because I felt compelled to move in that direction.

The force was undeniable even though the fear of doing so made it feel like a long journey that had no end.

I was right.

I learned that the destination is where you are and the goal is to attract others to the site of your existence…

…To get the masses to listen to your jouney that ends only when the last page of your work is read by the last person of birth who loved your work.

The accomplishment seems to comes in the completion of each endeavor.

And sometimes 

Just sometimes…

Some of my work seems as though they’ll never be complete. 

Maybe that is the journey itself… To know you’ll never be finished of all your work you set out to do. 

They joy of putting your all in that first step is all you need as motivation to keep pushing until your last breath… Through every test… 

I will never be finished.

My work shall never be complete.

Because I shall never stop giving my all…

I’ll never stop taking that first step towards a new journey. Whether it’s Play Writing, Acting, Voice Overs, Spoken Word or Directing… Singing!

Just know I welcome you to enjoy my existence, a bit better than I have. If possible.

Its The One Selfless Act I Cherish. 

Taking that first step was more for you, than for me.

And I Thank You!!


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