America For Me

I have to take a deep breath, because we have entered a chapter of deep threats.
500 plus years ago it has been nothing less… than mental, physical and spiritual stress. Freedom cloaked over disrespect and racist intentions.
The meek praying they aren’t lynched next.
Let’s face it!
It’s still a lynching!! The hoods on their heads has been exchanged for the crest on their chest.
No they’re aren’t any good cops left.
They’re good cops who are here! So Respect!
And reporting bad cops is their duty as well, but the problem is..
How deep does that rabbit hole get!?!
Whose going to protect them? Their friends and families from that back stabbing blue brotheren?
I Pray God Protect And Keep Them Again And Again.
And To Black…
Nah!! To Fueled Soldiers Everywhere fighting for the rights that have yet to be clear. This is my salute that we be triumphant where; the most recent page that was turned on a righteous decree to declare…
Is embedded in the present for our futures sake to forever belong to a love that spreads…
Is it not Forever Clear, that our job to Make America Great will never be over with.
Because of its racist origin
It breeds an ill advised specimen…
Of evil, ignorant and fearful citizens.
I mean, come again!!
We can’t make “Great Again” of a Country That Has Never Been.
This Is The First Attempt!
The seed has yet to sprout a Potential Stem. A Liberating Leaf. Freedom Fruit has yet to truly be harvested and released for the publics peace…
Will We Ever See The Land Known As America Prove It’s Constitutional Creed
Because right now, its proving not to be…
When Will My America Be..
America for me??



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