Don’t Be Tempted, Sign.

    I’m tempted to call you and straight up ask if you can handle me going overboard with wiling ya senses on a sexual level only lovers dare go.  Shit, Why not. We both single. Yeah, We Can make a contract..fa sho !
I mean if you can handle the persistent shivers that the nerve endings would get from me applying various degrees of finger strokes and dick pokes
No asking why
Happily Obeying
Constant position tries
Keep ya hips swaying
I said keep ya hips swaying
Yes in every position
You Will Be In A Grand Stand Fucking Sex Session
You not with someone you just… laying.
Now Read Through.
Check off Preferences…
  and Forbidden Endeavors
With The Date Session Due On The Bottom Line
The Bottom Line Time Just Says The Responsibility Of Your Pleasure On Those Days Are Mine.
You bout it?
   Don’t be Tempted



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