This Election Is Not A Game!!!


Whether You Vote or Not. That is your prerogative. You have those options as An American Citizen. And whichever you choose, should be entirely up to you whether or not you want to share that info. But this isn’t about ‘VOTER SHAMING’; of which I frown upon. Or Whether You Voted Or Not.
This Is Ultimately About Survival.
This is about Yawl black ’em effers’ playing talking bout you voted for Trump like certain people not watching and taking notes. As if this Chump not blatantly telling us, a Civil War is coming if he win. Because let’s face it, nobody is about to sit around waiting to be disrespected by The President AND His KKK employers. You play as if you agree with him (or maybe you do) as if his TRUE White KKK followers are going to care that you voted his way if they catch you slipping on a dark road going through Racistville, USA.
All I know is, I’ve been shown after this election… Regardless of who wins.. I and Many More Blacks (And other “Minorities”) are going to need to know how to protect ourselves legally and Cover Our Asses if we have to kill defending our lives and rights… Or our kids… Or our Parents and Grandparents.. Our Friends!!!
Don’t Believe Me Just Watch…
More Unjustified Deaths Will Be Happening In Way More Facets Than The Police Department Than You’d Think.
Police Will Continue.
This Is The Time Another Of Their Limbs Chip In On Our Legally Illegal Slaughter.

Hospitals Are My #1 Pick…

… that I feel They will Choose To Say… “I’m Sorry Madam/Sir! There Was Nothing More We Could Do For His Illness.”
As You Scream, “He Has Never Been Sick And It Was A Got Damn Head Cold!”
You eat their food, so you are prone to Cancer and other illnesses that are laying in our DNA via 500+ years of loving on Disgusting eating habits.
(Tip:Gain A Green Thumb)

You use their lawyers so you can easily be found guilty and/or knocked off in jail.
(Tip: Know the law, especially if you are prone to committing crimes or are reside in a racist small town. Matter of fact… Learn Just Because American Prison System Pays Big Corporations To Place Certain Woes In Our Lives Via Jobs, Job Placement, Drug Planting and Many More Unthinkable Things)

You have no property so if a Civil War Does Start, Enjoy That Concentration Camp. Or Learn what it is to truly be a Nomad or Vagabond.
(Tip: Learn about Real Estate, Farming and Agriculture)

Water… #DontBelieveMeJustWatch
Do you know how to properly clean it? Water Is Easy To Place Non Detecting Poisons In. Ask Around America. I’m sure you’d find many stories.
(Tip: Learn about alkaline water and how to alkalize your water.)


It Is Not A Game.
Whether You Vote or Not, Take This Election Seriously And Properly Prepare For You And Your Families Well Being.

P.S. Get Passports Just To Be On The Safe Side.



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