You see that flower son?
The one that blooms for you.
It has tremendous power.
Yet the delicacy of it demands you treat it preciously and with a purpose driven by compassion.
You only pick it from its roots when you intend to put all of its benefits to use.
It is possible that this flower can invigorate, heal and stimulate each of your senses.
Have you envisioning your world in a light new to your imagination. Water it with love and purpose.
Their are many flowers, but only one flower is the flower for you.
Your Flower To protect, provide and appreciate. This is the flower you look to when you need to be reminded of Life’s beauty.
Even if you should find out that that flower is not Your eternal flower. Don’t despair; for One day yours shall bloom right in front of you.
It will compliment you in ways that will seem as if you both have been drawn together by divinity.
Believe that as truth, especially when the language of such flower shows it speaks
for you.
for you.
You see that flower son?
Don’t pull it from its roots unless you’re ready to plant it in your heart…


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