Rise Higher


Stop worrying about what somebody did or didn’t do for you. Once you notice a need by way of any kind of& exposure. Take it upon yourself to make it your goal even after all else fails.
In Short!
Never stop learning and being motivated by everything in and around your life!!!
Venting is good. Pay attention to how you vent though. Try to take your time going through your emotions yet be quick to process information to alleviate the issue.
Stay focus on your journey. As an Artist, perfect what is yours. Own each of your pieces and deliver with a force that identify only with you. Make each performance an experience that invigorates their being. 
Take time out just for you. I mean get away. Find new places to visit. Even if you are in your home town. It’s good to keep fresh views of the world in you brain.  Appreciate the present more than any other moment. For only the present holds the time of the past, present and future simultaneously.  Keep the joy about you alive in your actions taken to heighten your frequency.
Live To Love Your Life!
Thanks for reading.



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