The Joy Factor


Good Morning World!
Happy Friday!!

Q. How can you yield joy?
A. Keep negativity away from your peace.
These days are very trying due to the many facets of distracting forces of evil. It is utterly ridiculous and can be extremely taxing towards your comfort level. On top of that, it seems like a daily deliberate attack. So what can one do to not get sucked up into it? I mean some people are journalist, teachers, social workers, therapists and mentors; whose job is to hear troubling issues that humanity face. You do know the effects ill circumstances have on individuals can spew off into the lives of others, if one is not careful.
So The Big Question Is:
What Can A Person Do To Not Get Sucked Into A Whirlwind Of Ongoing Hate?
My Answer: FIND JOY!
Matter of fact, find a way to keep joy. See finding it can come in a joke, food, your favorite pastime or simply your family. But, we all know all it takes is one incident to occur and have you ‘ All In Yo Feelings’ and none of those things will truly help you out. So in times we would run to something funny or whatever it may be that we escape to during vexing moments. We can be looking inside ourselves. The thing about keeping joy is finding it within yourself first. All outside forces are temporary to your being. Therefore, you have to know how to tap into your joy without any outside presence. It’s hard, yet can be acquired by maintaining a positive attitude that you want your life to exude. Knowing what it is that only your being can offer the world is vital. That is peace, that is your Joy Factor.

Other methods like Meditation, Yoga, Tantra and Eating Healthy can and will aide in this journey as well. Whichever you use, make it a daily practice. That is the way to encode yourself with methods that will turn on instantly when negativity rears its ugly head. Loving what you do, who you are, what you have to offer and your journey as a whole is important to experiencing Joy daily. So, put fruit in your water, practice yoga, learn what tantra is really about, meditate and build healthy relationships with yourself. That way, your path will be a golden starred path of righteousness that yields peace, love, joy and prosperity.
Be Love.
Know Joy.
Stay Beautifully You!

Thanks for reading.



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