Channel Your Beauty Within


“Perfect Appearances Come With Scars Hidden Deep Within Personas.” #Xteele

Without admitting to those flaws, the scars can never heal. Making your personality less attractive by the day. Wtbs
Work on making your inside as beautifully healthy as your outside. Do not let the ways of the world mold your perception of it. Your World is YOURS. You control its path. You direct its journey. You nurture its love.
Your Mind, Body and Spirit/Soul is for you to accept, comprehend and adjust.
No you are not born that way. You may have been born amongst ill ways. But those ways are not your nature.
You Are Told The Truth, You’re Just Born Believing Lies.
Be Beautifully You!
#Persona #PersonalityCountMore
#BeautyWithin #BelieveInYou
#TaiChiChaun #Meditation #Oneness #Qi #chakra #HeightenedYourFrequency
#Lover #OfLove #kamasutra #yoga #Tantra #BetterYouself



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