Tribute Continues

  Thomas Deal aka Slim 50
Father Appreciation Tribute

The Real Deal's

I’m Xteele A Real Deal Son Of Thomas Deal.

That’s what I am.
                          Am bred from. I’ve noticed only a fraction of the knowledge wielded by my lineage at birth. I’m looking many thousands of years back of course. And I’m pass the millions of what’s owed to our bloodline on this linage. The evil has proved its existence. And for me any outside bodies, antibodies and variations could never hold final say for my body. My mind commanded from my soul this to protect my body. Initially because thine ancestors was plagued by an illness of an outside body, antibody and/or variable.
Simply put. We are born lovers, sexy slim, intriguing, self fashionistas with no mercy for evil; individuals of God.
You may say, Frank what does all that have to do with your Father? Well, my Father once told me to try and always be who I am in the world and in short of other lessons to do my best to learn from his mistakes as well. So this is me showing the growth of who I am of him. I mean, to me what better start. To show what I’ve learned so far in life.
My observations and evolvement is my Tribute.

Happy Birthday Father



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