9 Quotes By Xteele (Slim 50 Tribute)


These are quotes I’ve learned from life experience. Quite a few were derived from conversations from my lil brother Calvin Deal and Father Thomas Deal. I decided to share in appreciation of the Birth Date of my Father Thomas Deal aka Slim 50! The Coldest Spoken Word Artist/Gospel Rapper New Orleans Have Witnessed!!
Happy Birthday Da!

·A Man With No Hope Cares For Very Little And Will Destroy Anything For Even Less.

·Somehow We Got To Protect The Land From The Errors Of Man.

·My Smile Shines Brighter When Its Being Reflected Off A Woman.

·Stand For A Purpose. But, Be Mindful In Your Endeavors That They Don’t Endanger Any Lives.

·Nature Includes You. Be Respectful To All Of Its Essence.

·To Make Time Smile For You. Slow Down, And  Truly Appreciate The Pace.

·Nothing Is Useless, Unless There’s Nothing Left When You Came.

·Change In Your Heart And Play Your Part To Better Life.

·It’s All Made For Love, So Find Your All And Be Love.



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