Don’t Brick Up With Life


“In all actuality, it’s not life that is hard. It’s what we are or are not taught that makes it hard.”
Calvin Deal
So is life supposed to be hard?? Are we supposed to harden with it??

Whether life is or isn’t supposed to be hard; fact of the matter is… It is. So bickering about it and getting emotional is not going to soften it up. And turning to a harder way of maintaining to get by hardening your heart only leads to circumstances that are detrimental to your mind, body and soul. So exit the street life out of your realm of possibilities.
Just because many of us has been thrown in or not taught how to deal with how hard life is doesn’t mean you have to be just as hard. Be easy. Be the exact opposite of what you have experienced. Use what you have experienced to your advantage to make life an easy ride for you and yours.
Most of the time life seems hard by:
1. Making the same mistake over and over.
2. Not being diligent in completing your endeavors.
3. Not being in tune with your intuitions.
4. Harboring negative energies.
5. Feeling Sorry For Yourself.


As an individual, I try to be better than I was yesterday. Looking back analyzing what I may have did wrong and how can I avoid doing it again. Even if I have to make a list and/or write down the entire situation. When other people are involved and it seems you are making that mistake for being nice, considerate or any circumstance? Thoroughly explain to that person, why you are not going to comply. This is for your peace of mind, not there’s. So don’t let a negative response get to you in no way, fashion or form.
This is called being adamant in your ways to ensure your ride in life be a smooth journey.
So, Be You! Be A Conqueror! No Apologies!




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