Using Sex As Therapy Is Not Always A Good Thing!


Its nothing for a man to use
sex as therapy..
Not knowing it is harmful to both. To Self More Than One Would Know If Not Paying Attention.

I had to break that cycle.

Why would I Care or want to break that cycle?

You know how they say a woman know whether she is going to sleep with you soon as she sees you?

See a man could recognize that it may not work in that first long conversation. Yet the idea of great sex Just May Keep Him.. Is what he’s thinking…
How this breakup gone effect both our lives? Is what he is not thinking…
Then when the guy really is focused on maintaining true love, he wonders why he don’t know how to make what he wants to work. Its because you never healed homes and you broken. Start nurturing even if its just sex. At least you can do is be honest up front. Then; if anybody gets hurt, its most likely you.


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