Morning Word w/Xteele


Good Morning Beautiful People!!

How much of your motivation is in others or an idea of a ideal situation?
For me its 3 things.
1st My son and procuring a future for him to have assets when he’s older.
2nd My future family. Certain things I didn’t know about like; taxes, investing, assets and true love must be understood by me in order to ensure We will be secure in our position as a family.
3rd The Less Worry For My Future Wife, The Better Our Relationship may be.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand anything can go wrong. But, now a days; because of the systematic oppression forced upon Blacks. We as black men are often unprepared; while the women are for the most part well prepared. And even if she accepts that fact, it can causes problems when you JUST DON’T KNOW SHIT! So after trials and tribulations, falling down 8 to get up 11teen. I analyze Why Certain Things Happen. And Make Sure I Don’t Keep Falling In The Same Limbo Of Awkward Spiraling.
Sheed, I’m ready now. I think. 😉😙😏

#MorningWord #Xteele



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