Ah Sip Of You


I’d try my best to use you like an overflowing cup of the most intoxicating aphrodisiac known to man…Pussy juice. And drink until I waste you all around my jaws dripping to my chest.
I’m talking licking from toes to neck; sucking lips, clit and breast. Sex until we’re one breath.
Both screaming!  Yes! Yes! Yeeeeessss!!!
Just ah sip ah you is needed to rock my bone, light my lamp post and we could make love all night long.
From ah sip, just a taste… I promise to make haste yet savor your body at an exhilarating pace.
From ah sip leaves you sucking the air out of the room you’d be so out of breath.
From ah sip ah you, you’d imagine stars and anomalies from afar just to awake more amused.
From ah sip, I’d put you in a trans-meditated state hovering over your body watching yourself twitch and twerk on my tongue as you feel like you and all existence are one.
From ah sip I can get you so worked up, all I’d have to do is put in the tip. As you spasm with orgasms over and over exploding scratching my shoulders… while I’m changing the frequencies of your screams by nibbling on your breast and using my shaft as a remote controller.
Making your body shift….
Starting, with ah sip.



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