Word Up w/Xteele 08-02-2012


A lot of these killings are fucking targeted. Watch yourself out here. Regardless of what lifestyle you living, them blue mofos will send somebody at yo hat. It’s kill a nigger season, whether he view himself as one or not. Don’t think for a second that your number hasn’t came up. Think Smarter, execute wisely and keep all thirty of yo eyes open ya heardth meh!!! Small ass confrontations escalate because we know nothing about conflict resolution. Teach and learn that, to practice with your neighbors and kids. As a man and woman; if that relationship not working. Respectfully leave it alone!!! Meaning don’t look back or wonder on failures. Learn what not to do in your next one. And if you feel you must be in them streets, know that death or jail can happen to you at any second. And if you know your people out’chea wilding… Pull They Fucking Coat Tail!!! And definitely don’t be out’chea screaming bout WHY? and They Stole My Family? He was a good dude/chick! FOH!! Being in those streets like that is like being in a war zone.
Protect Yo Neck! Keep Ya Head Up! Rise Higher And Heighten Your Frequencies!! Because even if you are not in the streets, we as BLACKS have become the prey because we first Prayed for our Predators! And as they preyed, we stayed in a mentality that kept up afraid. Link up and fight back by doing nothing for them, with them or by them. No voting! Bank Black and/or put your money in a credit union. There are so many other initiatives that must be addressed, so must unite and come to a plan of action. It makes no since to keep pointing evil out and not act on it. Its time for action. And The 1st Act is to Do Nothing!!!
That’s Right!!! Don’t Do A Damn Thing!! Why Be Forced To Chose Between Drinking Ammonia And Bleach, When Both Are Toxic. Choose Neither And Liberate Yourselves!!
And that’s Ya Word Up With Xteele!!


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