Word Up w/Xteele 08/01/2016


Good Morning World!
Today, I will simply interpret this proverb in seven different phrases, being as concise as possible.

“Existence is in you and your dream is manifested throughout eternity.”

“Create the reality you want to see, don’t believe that everything you see is real for perception can be naught.”

“You are born spiritually before you are born physically. Use your mentality to not believe any other truth.”

“Know that existence has been birthed from man by woman to give birth to the first light. Which was man being physically born inside his spiritual form. Giving birth to matter.”

“Be the light and know that you are simply a refection of yourself inside yourself. To believe you are in something else is to deny your eternal spiritual form.”

“Know that the world reside inside you and your physical is a temporary vacation your spirit has granted you.”

“We are all living inside the great mother and our heavenly father has painted all of existence to fit perfectly inside her. We are born in the spirit through death of the physical.”

I want to thank you for reading Word Up w/Xteele and have a beautiful day!



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