Word Up w/Xteele


Good Morning World

The way you view YOUR World shouldn’t be the way you view THIS World!
The one thing I realized throughout my days is that, your reality is shaped by your perception of it. I try my best on a daily to perceive what I want to achieve. Even through the harsh realities of this World we live in, I believe in the power of me. That I will be the best within my capabilities to push myself beyond those boundaries that society has placed me in. There is no box.

In my opinion it all starts with recognizing your short comings and potentials. With  short comings, aim to correct them to where they are daily projects you fine tune to perfection. With your potentials, focus on keeping them on a heighten frequency that will shape your reality into your own utopia.
I like to get to the point as quickly and efficiently as possible, so here goes…

Believe In Your Perfection. You are perfect somehow and someways for somethings and  someone. Don’t listen to the harsh shaped reality. Detach from it in order to be of use to it.

And That’s Your Word Up With Xteele.


Those Eyes by Xteele
Now Available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and many more online sites and streaming sources.


Of Love And War the Hip Pop Poetry Album will be available soon.
Thanks for reading.

*Be the change you want to see*


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