I Am… Whose Next!!??!!


I Can Be Who I Want To Be, They’ll Still Say I’m Black!

And Although My Name Is Frank Xteele! This Day Call Me Calvin Deal!!  No, Alton Sterling! It’s Hell Here! You Can Still Call Me Emmitt Till!!!

Over 645 Murders By Police To Date!!! What’s Your Name? Because I May Be You Tomorrow!

You Got To Say, Be CarefulTo Someone When They Go Outside!

It’s Hell For Us Black!

What Am I Supposed To Do?

Lay Down And Die!

What Do You Want From Me!?!…

My Soul Hurts!

My Anger.. Thirst!

Our Kids Are Either Entertainers Or Future Victims!

My Woman Faulting Me Because I Don’t Want To Be A Slave For This System!!

Who Do We Take Up This Problem With! Ourselves!?!

Why Do I Feel I’m Being Hunted By The System That’s Supposed To Be Protecting Me!?!

Why Am I Being Hunted By The Police!

I Swear To God I Didn’t Do Nothing Wrong!

You Swore On God To Protect Me From Harm!

You Lied! Did You Look In The Mirror And Laugh!?!

Did You Thank God He Was Alone!?! Praised God Because He Ran!!??!!

You Let Him Get Away With Murder Before God After Being Recorded On A Cell Phone Your Honor!

He Choked Me To Death!

I Am Eric Garner!

You Left Me In My Cell In Agonizing Pain Until It Was Too Late For Me To Be Helped! I Am Calvin Deal! Judge You Took Months To See A Sickle Cell Patient!

I Was In Handcuffs When You Shot Me In The Back! Remember That!?! I Am Oscar Grant!!

I Didn’t Reach For Your Gun! You Coward!!!

I Am Alton Sterling!!

Stop Following Me!!

It Looks As If You Enjoyed Killing Me!! He Auctioned The Gun!?!

You Weren’t Even A Police!! I Am Trayvon Martin!!

My Mother Doesn’t Even Recognize Me…

I Am Still Emmitt Till!

I’m Guilty Here? Or Am I Born Guilty!?!

Why Are You Doing This To Me?

I Just Want To Live In Peace…

Who Will I Be Next,

So I Can, Rest In Peace?

Who Shall We March For Next, As A Sniper Watch Over Me?

What Racist Statue Shall I Protest Under Next Before Shots Are Fired At Me?

Who Do I Secretly Text While In The Back Of A Cop Car, To Ensure Someone Knows What Really Happened?

Who Is On Our Side?

Why Is Our Black President So Quite With His Actions???

People Wanna Know Why???

Where Do We Go From Here?

Will It Get So Bad That Nobody Will Worry As We Slowly Disappear?

Has Killing Me Become The Norm?

I Am Tamir Rice!

I Am John Crawford!!

I Am!!!

I Am…. Whose Next!!??!!



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