Xteele Rose


I be that rose growing out concrete with iron petals. Nothing delicate about me my, mental is heavy metal. Positive warrior for my community, I won’t settle. Fighting daily starting with me for unity and endeavors – that we encounter are conquered. Don’t know defeat. Through the floor to the top of existence I spread my wings across the track for whoever listening. My vibe come from the truths of reality even though valor and honor is missing. Raise your fist in the air, if you all for the growth of minorities believe I’m right there. What I’m doing is simple, raising the levels of mental. To be successful in this system. I do it for the love that was expressed by the blood sweat and tears from ancestors those thousands of years. I do it for kids growing up alone in the streets. With no guidance, support and little to eat packing that heat.
Let triumphant wills be done under the Sun. We rise through hatred, blood and mud so concrete is nothing. Xteele Rose!



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