Why Chase The Cat?


I’ve been noticing a lot about women and men and the way we respond to each other before a relationship starts and it has become clearer to me why couples don’t last.
We don’t make up our mind in the beginning on if we genuinely want to be with that person!
I’m going to personalize what I mean as an example.
If I show interest in you, I expect to be brushed off, told they’re not interested, become xxxtremely good friends or we become a couple. And truthfully all of the above are satisfactory…of course the latter more so than the others. Now the problem usually comes in each in different ways and causes a series of circumstances if allowed from  each response. First off once she have brushed me off or said she weren’t interested… It’s less likely for me to be in a serious relationship with her. Not impossible just highly unlikely. Why, because I will always come back to that point in time in my mind when you turned me down. And I will question your loyalty at times.  Yet, with just a brush off, I will consider it under the circumstances being discussed and a dialogue about our future is stated by the both of us.
Now for a flat out no, I will not consider you under any circumstance not even a  sexual relationship. No, Stop and Don’t are instant killers for me. Unless of course if it’s No! Don’t Stop!
I mean, why should I consider someone who did’t find me attractive or suitable to be given a try? Why should I keep dating you when you have yet to answer a simple question about Us or give a response to my advances? Why must I Chase The Cat After I Have Shown Interest? 
Therefore, I say… The reason couples don’t last is because one is always chasing the other. If you really want to be with each other, you’d chase each other. He’d state his intentions, she’d accept and state hers. They’d both say what they won’t accept under any circumstance and They’d Chase Each Others Tails Around The World.
So, Why Must I Chase The Cat?
To Get That Cat To Chase Me Back… Then I trap her in the corner… But, that’s another story! #OfLoveAndWar


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