Warriors’ Creed


I pray my words and my thoughts be as a warrior from heaven. Be blessed in my mind state for my kind sake cause sometimes my spirit be yelling. “Rebelling! These children roaming these streets in the dark! Home in on them from birth, cause souls grow from within your heart!” And blame stains the outer shell, so you gotta practice what you preach. Lord let them listen to this teach be humble and meek MC. Seek from the feet MC. They false truths despise me! And every truth we seek. The sun before my eyes is enough to reap. God they can hear it from me. I’ve intertwined truths inside beats. Exploited my soul to self, blazed up and took a seat. Buttered up my downfall, my horn speaks of blessing yawl… Spiritually sown in from God. And like a good dog, I held my ears open for all true words spoken. Quickly ran them through my brain to spit it out pure and potent. Giving back to those who want exactly what they need. This my will! My word! My Bond! My Life! My Warriors Creed… Is to do what I do until I hear well done, because seldom is there anything written originally.. Come and understand this pen armed man… Forming a new way of thinking cause too many of us sinking… To the top of the sess pool my style won’t regress or cool… Down, it wears a frown for you clown who don’t know the rules. Fools! Your mind is the weapon of which you will all duel. And estated by nature; accepted by you all too. I know it hurts but you can’t cope by bringing the pain. That’s inane, be a man cause it’s the ground your blood may stain. This is exactly why I write so we all can see. Pull from the roots that dwells inside me for all… More to God I reach. Giving everything that I can to teach. This is my will, My Word, My Bond, My Life…. My Warriors’Creed!!! Amen!


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