The kids are asleep
And she just want to be held
So we’re spooning and
She’s crooning
From the way my crotch and
Her rump meld
She’s been playing like she’s
Still watching TV too long
Because the static has came on
And she’s been grinding
For 20 minutes
Silk panties to the side
And my head peaking innards…
The friction from silk is
Extremely inviting when wet
I asked was she ready for me and
I’ve never heard never heard such an
Enthusiastic Yes
Until Now
Every Snap
Jeck  & Plant
I execute
In my head I scream Pow
Until I started saying it
Out Loud
She says
The kids
Calm Down
I say Naw
They Upstairs and two rooms down
Take Each Pow..
Oh Wow
She said
Mo Pows
She said
Slow Now
She Said
Con-trolled and Sticked In…
And we came together…
Over and over again


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